Lullify Silk Sleeping Mask and Travel Kit


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Brand: Lullify

Color: Purple


  • DESIGNED FOR TRAVEL: Dim the lights and quiet your surroundings wherever, whenever. This portable sleeping kit and carrying bag has everything you need to rest on a work trip or vacation.
  • IMPROVE SLEEP HYGIENE: Our padded, luxury silk provides a gentle and soothing blackout all night long. Wrap yourself in cool comfort, fight insomnia, and get back on your regular sleep schedule.
  • SOFT HEADBAND & SCRUNCHIE: Our comfy, loose-fitting headbands and scrunchies prevent hair from getting in your face and disrupting deep sleep without damaging hair or causing breakage.
  • FLY IN COMFORT: Silk fibers naturally let in clean air while filtering out the dust, irritants, and dry air found in airplane cabins and other public transport.
  • SLEEP MUSIC: Certain types of music and white noise help promote healthy, natural sleep. Scan the QR code on this product to access a playlist curated to ease insomnia and calm the mind.

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